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In our unique birds-of-prey-show you experience breath-taking close an Eagle, Harris Hawk, Owl, Buzzard, Falcon & Co. Feel very closely the irrepressable energy and the majestic calmness fo these noble wild animals.

We provide an insight into the "high" art of traditional falconry and show you the astonishing abilities fo these unique hunters. Questions and participating allowed.


  • Where: directly on our sunny terrace sheltered from wind & weather. (unsecure wheather conditions: check our webpage pls.)

  • When:
    from June 3rd, 2023, Wed, Sat & Sun at 2 p.m.;
    - from June 3rd,  2023 daily bookable for groups resp. private shows

  • Price:
    - CHF 12.- p.P., CHF 8.- per child (- 12 years)
    - group prices from CHF 10.- per person

Our tip:

Perfect (group-)trip for clubs, companies, old people's homes, townships, you can combine a delicious lunch with this special birds-of-prey-experience - everything at the same place.

Also as private show daily bookable. Prices on request.

Contact us.

We're pleased to provide you with information or make you an
individual offer.


Thank you!

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