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experience walk.

As exceptional highlight the falconry Galina gives the opportunity to experience an Eagle extremly close and just "privately".

The chairlift takes you to our local mountain, the Sareis, at 2,000 meters above sea level. There the falconer awaits you and begins with you the unique experience with an eagle. You then walk for about 1.5-2 hours on the easily accessible and beautiful path towards the village of Malbun while the eagle accompanies you in a free wake. You will experience the fantastic flying skills of the majestic king of the skies. When the eagle rides back on the falconer's fist from great heights, you will feel the fabulous power and energy of the griffin and its bond with the falconer.



  • Where: Falconry Galina,  Malbun


  • When: June 15th - October 3rd, 2024, daily bookable - a early booking is recommended

  • Duration: ca. 1.5 - 2 hours

  • Prices:

                       1 pers.    CHF 200.-               6 pers.  CHF 450.-

                       2 pers.   CHF 200.-               7 pers.   CHF 500.-

                       3 pers.   CHF 300.-               8 pers.   CHF 550.-

                       4 pers.   CHF 350.-               9 pers.   CHF 600.-

                       5 pers.   CHF 400.-   from 10 pers.   group prices


Our tip:

The eagle experience walk as a gift voucher.

Show somebody with an exceptionnel present how important he/she is. This might be family, a friend or an colleague. Present something extraordenary to somebody special.

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Our hotel.

Our hotel ***  promises a cosy, familiar atmosphere just in the center of the idyllic little village Malbun which is surrounded from an intact and beautiful world of mountains. So, we are a perfect starting point to immerse yourself into nature and to let hectic everyday life behind  - either for a (short-) vacation, for a stopp over or just as little have of tranquility on a business trip. .

Our tip: at all costs to combine with one of our unique falconry experiences.

​​By the way: The hotel Galina is easy reachable by car or public transportation. Our free parking place is at our guests disposal without any reservation.

​We have 8 standard single / double rooms, 4 family rooms and some simple economy single and double rooms.  Some of your cosy furnished rooms have a balcony and a water boiler for tea and coffee. Of course all rooms do have a flat TV as well as free Wifi.. The rooms are comfy accessible via an elevator.


As an old proverb already recommends: "Have breakfast like a king...". We look at it the same way and strenghten our guests with a multifaricous breakfaqst buffet all you can eat to ensure a great start into the new day.

Recommendation: Book a your breakfast table right away when booking the room.


Yummie breakfast
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