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Falconry Galina!

Time for some experiences.

At Galina you experience the most magnificent birds-of-prey breath-taking close. Our falconer Norman Vögeli provides an insight into this "high" art of traditional falconry (UNESO World heritage) and shows the astonishing abilities of these unique hunters.

Might it be at our spectacular birds-of-prey-show with Eagle, Falcon, Owl, Hawk & co. or at a private free-fly-expereince with a Golden Eagle or a Hawk in idyllic Malbun.

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Our experiences.

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June 3rd - October 1st, 2023, Wed, Sat & Sun

Golden eagle, falcon, owl & Co.


At Galina you experience the most magnicificent birds-of-prey, breathtaking close, just on our weather sheltered terrace.


CHF 12.-


June 3rd - October 1st, 2023 - daily


Be a falconer

Hawk adventure walk

Catch the chance and be a falconer yourself who's calling a hawk in free followship over and over on your fist.



from CHF 200.-


June 17 - October 1st 2023 - daily


Face to face with the king of the skies

Golden Eagle adventure walk

As a special highlight, we offer the worldwide unique opportunity to experience a Golden Eagle in free followship in a "private" way.

from CHF 200.-


June 3rd to October 1st, 2023 - daily


Golden eagle, falcon, owl & hawk

Experience falconry -  privately

Find yourself in the middle of the fascination  birds-of-prey - just privately. Have an owl and hawk flying to your fist & feel the majestic elegance of a falcon & the power of an eagle..


ab CHF 300.-

Contact us.

We're pleased to provide you with information or make you an
individual offer.


Thank you!

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