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Hotel***s & falconry

News: birds-of-prey-show Wed, Sat & Sun 2pm

From now, daily bookable:

- Eagle-adventure

- Harris-Hawk-adventure (be a falconer yourself)

- Experience falconry privately


Contact us - for questions and bookings:

Your Galina Team


Welcome at Galina!

It's time for a unique experience.

​​Situated in the beautiful embedded Malbun in the Principality of Liechtenstein you'll experience something.

The Falconry Galina offers closest birds-of-prey-experiences. Nowhere else you'll have the opportunity to face an Eagle, a Falcon, Harris Hawk, Owl & Co. closer, to ask more questions directly to the falconer and to truly feel and experience these majestic animals.


The cosy 3 star superior Hotel which is runned familial and personally completes our offer. During winter season it's possible to ski-in - and out right away. During summer season (business-) travellers find a idyllic spot to get rid of any (travelling-) stress and to have a rest in a peaceful atmosphere.


Our experiences

Uhu_Amtsausflug 2016.JPG

June 1st - October 1st, 2024 Wed, Sat & Sun

Golden eagle, falcon, owl & Co.


At Galina you experience the most magnicificent birds-of-prey, breathtaking close, just on our weather sheltered terrace.

 CHF 12.- p.P.


June 1st- October 1st, 2024 - daily


Be a falconer

Harris Hawk adventure

Take the chance and be a falconer yourself who's calling a Harris Hawk in free followship over and over on your fist.


from CHF 200.-


June 15th - October 1st 2024 - daily


Face to face with the king of the skies

Eagle adventure

As a special highlight, we offer the worldwide unique opportunity to experience a Eagle in free followship in a "private" way.


from CHF 200.-


June 1st- October 1st, 2024 - daily


Golden eagle, falcon, owl & hawk

Experience falconry -  privately

Find yourself in the middle of the fascination  birds-of-prey - just privately. Have an owl and Harris Hawk flying to your fist & feel the majestic elegance of a falcon & the power of an eagle.


from CHF 300.-


Our hotel***s.

Our 3 star superior hotel ***  promises a cosy, familiar atmosphere just in the center of the idyllic little village Malbun which is surrounded from an intact and beautiful world of mountains. So, we are a perfect starting point to immerse yourself into nature and to let hectic everyday life behind  - either for a (short-) vacation, for a stopp over or just as little have of tranquility on a business trip. .

Our tip: at all costs to combine with one of our unique falconry experiences.

​We have 8 standard single / double rooms, 3 family rooms and some simple economy single and double rooms.  Some of our cosy furnished rooms have a balcony and a water boiler for tea and coffee. Of course all rooms do have a flat TV as well as free Wifi. The rooms are comfy accessible via an elevator.

By the way: The hotel Galina is easy reachable by car or public transportation. Our free parking place is at our guests disposal without any reservation.

​​By the way: The hotel Galina is easy reachable by car or public transportation. Our free parking place is at our guests disposal without any reservation.


As an old proverb already recommends: "Have breakfast like a king...". We look at it the same way and strenghten our guests with a multifaricous breakfaqst buffet all you can eat to ensure a great start into the new day.

Recommendation: Book a your breakfast table right away when booking the room.



Yummie breakfast

Self Check-in: Einfach bequem, Kommen und Gehen, wann immer Sie möchten. Ohne warten.

Sie können bereits von unterwegs oder zu Hause aus digital einchecken und erhalten noch vor Ankunft Ihren digitalen Zimmerschlüssel oder Eingangscode. Falls Sie spontan anreisen, steht Ihnen auch ein Selbstbedienungsterminal im Hotel zur Verfügung.

Contact us.

We're pleased to provide you with information or with an individual offer.

Thanks you!

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