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Under the spell of the golden eagle

As a special highlight the falconry Galina offers you the opportunity to experience a golden eagle close up and „privately“.









Together with the falconer and our female golden eagle you can travel to the Sareis mountain in the chair lift, to wonder at her magnificent flying skills during a comfortable walk in the valley.






One of our golden eagles is a beautiful female weighing over 5 kilograms and with a wing span of 2.2 metres. The powerful animal will take off and land on the arm of the falconer just a few metres away from you, and will accompany you silently and majestically, circling the valley directly above your heads.








Eagle experience walk

Expected from 19. June until mid October,
daily 10:00 and 15:30, on appointment
Duration approx. 1½ hours

1 person              CHF 200.00
2 persons             CHF 200.00
3 persons             CHF 300.00
4 persons             CHF 350.00
5 persons             CHF 400.00
6 persons             CHF 450.00
7 persons             CHF 500.00
8 persons             CHF 550.00
9 persons             CHF 600.00
from 10 persons on    Group prices

These prices include the ticket for the chair lift Malbun - Sareis.

Early bookings are recommended for the eagle experience walk.
Group prices on request.

Other times and dates on request.

The eagle experience walk can only be carried out in good weather conditions!

As a souvenir of your eagle experience walk we are offering you the opportunity to have your photo taken with the eagle on your fist and take it home with you with our in house digital photo service.

For your loved ones, friends or business partners we offer gift vouchers for eagle or hawk experience walks, bird of prey shows or an overnight stay in the hotel.
Our team will be happy to give you further information.